Visiting the Cemetery

    If you have the opportunity, we invite you to visit the St. Thomas cemetery. If you visit St. Thomas while on a cruise or during vacation, the following set of maps is necessary in order to locate a certain grave within the cemetery. There are no tours available, so you must use the book and rely on yourself. However, if you have any questions, they can be directed to the Danish Consulate. The contact information for the Danish Consulate is located in the Acknowledgments section on page #117.

    The Danish Cemetery of St.Thomas is located at the bottom of Mafolie Hill. It is on the west side of the Lionel Roberts Stadium, beside the public cemetery. It is important not to mistake the public cemetery for the Danish cemetery. The are no signs, however, it is easy to distinguish the Danish cemetery by its high state of maintenance. It is also surrounded by an old fence of yellow bricks topped with a green fence.

    When you arrive at the cemetery it is necessary to consult the Cemetery Layout Map on page # 112. This map provides a general overview and divides the cemetery into four quadrants. A path between ancient mahogany trees divides the cemetery between north and south, right and left, respectively. A drainage ditch, locally referred to as a "gut" divides the cemetery between east and west, lower and upper, respectively. Thus each of the four quadrants is designate by a number and its position.

    Finally, if you are trying to locate a particular grave from the Index or from the body of the book itself, you will need to use one of the Quadrant maps. To locate the grave first determine the correct quadrant, then refer to the correct map. Once you have the correct map, locate the grave number. The corresponding number, surrounded by a circle indicates the grave's relative position in the quadrant.

    The cemetery is gated and may appear locked. However, if you try to open the gate you will discover it is open. Please, if you have the time, visit the cemetery if you wish to research some of your Danish ancestors and some of the islands rich Danish history. There are also benches within the cemetery which allow you to simply enjoy the quite and peaceful setting.

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